Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For A UK Visa

The immigration process can be hectic and demanding. The main challenge with immigration is the paperwork involved and the complexity of this process. Since most people do not understand what is required or they are simply overwhelmed, they end up making some avoidable mistakes. These errors can be a huge setback when filing for their application. That said, here are some mistakes that could affect your immigration status to the UK.

Providing inconsistent answersEU passport

Applicants are expected to be consistent or truthful when responding to visa questions. However, some applicants deliberately provide false answers whereas others make honest mistakes. Whichever the reason, providing inconsistent answers can be a huge setback in your application. This can affect this application but also future applications. To avoid making such mistakes, it is imperative to walk with an immigration lawyer to ensure the answers you give do not raise any suspicion.

Failure to provide required documents

Any visa application is founded on some support documents. As such, failure to provide the required document in the right way is bound to affect your application. In most instances, failure to provide the specified documents has the effect of delaying your application or even complete refusal. As a tip, you should never submit your application with ascertaining that all required documents are provided.

Poor timing

In the UK, visa applications should be done before the most recent leave expires. Failure to do this results in loss of appeal rights should you application fail. As such, you will be forced to get back to your country and make a fresh application. Staying without a visa (overstaying) can even lead to being banned from making further applications.


UK flagMost people assume that UK immigration laws are straightforward for everyone. Unfortunately, most people realize that things are not as easy as they think until things start dragging themselves. This is evidenced by the huge number of visa applications that are rejected on a daily basis. Hire an immigration attorney to handle your visa application to be on the safe side.

Hiring incompetent immigration lawyers and agents

Another mistake most people make is hiring incompetent immigration agents. They are mostly attracted to these fraudsters due to their low rates. To be on the safe side, you should focus on quality over price. Therefore, if the application matters to you, give it the attention it deserves.